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I am SO GLAD I signed up for Ashley's classes, they are really easy to follow along, and something I really enjoy for myself. Ashley is very personable and a fantastic teacher, she motivates and encourages even in a virtual group setting. I love that Ashley has a variety of classes throughout the week. Would absolutely recommend Ashley's classes to anyone looking for a good stretch or a solid class to get your blood flowing in the morning! – Breanne

“Ashley is such a fantastic teacher. You can tell she really cares about what she does and her enthusiasm for teaching shines every class. Ashley offers a variety of options and modifications that are suitable any skill level.  As someone who sits at a desk all day; I can't begin to express how much happier my muscles and joints are since joining Ashley's online classes.” - Lindsay 

“I've been attending Ashley's live online yoga classes since she began last spring. The ease of practicing at home combined with the extraordinary quality of Ashley's instruction has been a game-changer for me. Although the class is all done over Zoom, her positive energy makes us all feel connected. And I love the way she incorporates both mind and body into the practice. I always come away feeling great! Motivated, happy, healthy, and grounded. Couldn't ask for more.”  - Claudia

“I love Ashley’s classes! They are a must for myself. I’ve truly Enjoy the opportunity of attending her class In the comfort of my own home. I love everything from her Pilates, yoga flow, and gentle yoga classes! Ashley is truly knowledgable and really has a Passion for fitness and health!” – Alex

“Ashley's steady confidence with instructing - whether it's HIIT, pilates, strength or yoga, is encouraging and motivating.  She approaches the workouts with care and humour, too, which helps me come back for more!” - Renee

“Ashley's virtual yoga classes have allowed me to expand my at home yoga practice and deepen my mind body connection.  Being guided through mindful movement with Ashley is my favourite way to end the day!” – Audrey

"What I love about Ashley's instruction - regardless of whether we're doing yoga, Pilates or barre - is how she helps me understand my body and use it effectively for maximum benefit. Ashley is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and she makes all the hard work fun!" - Lisa B

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